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About Auto Riding

Autoriding.com is established in October 2021.

We are dedicated to helping you find the best ways of getting better at skateboarding, roller skating and more. We have tips for beginners as well!

We’re here with all your sports needs – we cover everything from longboarding tricks to cycling techniques so that no matter what sport it is YOU love doing there will be someone on board who can help make sure they get off their game right now too thanks our blog which covers anything related:

  • Skateboard
  • Longboards
  • Electric skateboards
  • Skateboard accessories
  • Longboard accessories
  • Electric skateboard accessories

We love sports! Our blog is dedicated to helping you get better at whatever it is that excites and exhilarates your soul: skateboarding, roller skating, cycling; longboarding – we have tips for all of these. What matters most? Friends who want them too…so come hang out with us as often as possible because if there’s one thing life should be about then its being happy.

Are you a beginner at any of these sports? Or maybe it’s your first time trying out skateboarding. I know how intimidating they can be, but don’t worry! We have the best tips and tricks for beginners who want to learn more about what it takes before joining their local club so that everyone has an equal opportunity in this great hobby called “sport.”

Who we are?

Ashley James Mercer

Hi everyone, I am Ashley, live in Sheffield, England

I am the author of autoriding.com and I love to write about skating.

I love skateboarding. It’s not just a sport for me, it has now become my lifestyle and every time I’m on the board there are no other feelings that can top this one.

My introduction to the world of skateboarding was an accident. I had no intention or desire for this lifestyle, but as soon as that board touched grthe ound and rolling began everything changed.

I felt free; there’s nothing like flying down a hill on your own two wheels without having any fear in front of you because if anything goes wrong then its just another flat surface waiting around next corner.

Skating is more than just a pastime for me – it has become an art and lifestyle. Whenever I am on my board, there’s no other feeling like being free in the world.

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