Best Waterproof Skateboards for Rain

Skateboarding is one of the most exhilarating sports out there, but when the rain starts pouring down, it can quickly become a drag. If you don’t have the right gear, wet streets and sidewalks can make it difficult to stay on your board, not to mention how dangerous it can be.

At a Glance:

Skateboarding in the rain can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to have the right gear. A waterproof skateboard is essential to help keep you dry and prevent your deck from getting damaged by water. There are a few things to look for when choosing a waterproof skateboard.

Firstly, make sure that the deck is made from waterproof materials such as PVC or polyurethane.

Secondly, check that the deck has a good coat of waterproof sealant, and thirdly, make sure that the trucks and bearings are also waterproof. With the right skateboard, you’ll be able to enjoy skating in the rain without any worries.

While skateboarding is typically associated with warm weather and sunny days, there are actually a number of great waterproof skateboards that are perfect for riding in the rain.

So if you’re looking for a skateboard that will keep you riding no matter what the weather is like, check out these top water-resistant skateboards.

Our Recommendations for Waterproof Skateboards for Rain

Staff PickRetrospec Quip Skateboard
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Ocean Mist Penny Board
Check Price
Budget PickKryptonics Classic Board
Check Price
MoBoard Vintage Style Skateboard
Check Price
Merkapa Complete Skateboard
Check Price
Best PickOUDEW Skateboard
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Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Staff Pick

Retrospec Quip Skateboard
Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Quip is the perfect balance between performance and style. With enough charm to swoon even your most skeptical skater, it’s no wonder that Quips skateboards are popping up all over town. These skateboards are perfect for getting around town with their wheels that make cruising on streets and sidewalks a breeze.

Product Attributes

Staying one step ahead of the competition is what Quip skateboard is all about. The new edition has 5″ trucks for more control, balance and enhanced maneuverability that will fit right inside your backpack

Feel confident on your next trip with the assurance that your board can handle any street bump or sidewalk crack. The Retrospec CRUISER 22 inch wide x 6 inch long plastic provides a smooth ride for riders of all abilities, thanks in part to its soft

wheels which don’t get bogged down easily even when riding over rough surfaces and rolling over watery streets in the rain.

Quip’s lightweight carbon fiber frame is made for speed. The ultra-smooth gliding polyurethane cast wheels enhance durability and comfort while you zip around town, with ABEC high-speed bearings adding nimbleness to your strides

All models come equipped as standard equipment at no extra cost but are also available separately if needed.

Quip is small enough to fit anywhere. Literally, we mean it. This little lightweight device weighs less than 5 pounds only and can be thrown into your backpack or trunk without missing a beat. The recommended weight limit starts at 220 Lbs.


  • Hold the Water-Resistant properties
  • Durable as can be used by heavy riders Ready to ride
  • Fully assembled
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No significant limitation at all

Ocean Mist Penny Board

Ocean Mist Penny Board
Ocean Mist Penny Board

Penny Boards are the classic short plastic boards you’ve seen around the streets for years. What makes them dope?

Well first, is that they’re just so compact – which makes carrying and throwing around a Penny Board super convenient. They also make life easy by being lightweight yet

durable enough to withstand any abuse thrown their way while still looking fresh as ever.

Some might ask: how durable is a board that’s made out of plastic? We know all the wood pushers are wondering this. Well, Penny Board has your answer with their

waterproof and sturdy construction materials- ensuring durability.

Product Attributes:

The 27 x 7.48 inch deck with waffle non-slip deck is perfect for those who want a stiffer ride. Premium Abec 7 stainless steel bearings and high tensile bolts ensure stability as well, without sacrificing responsiveness or smoothness on pavement. 4” A-grade 356 cast aluminum powder coated trucks make sure you can take your turns in style. The 59mm wheel size that is made up of polyurethane material and having durometer hardness of 83A add just enough traction on pavement to get up any hill while still being durable so they can handle bumps like they’re nothing more than pebbles under foot due to their durable properties.


  • flexible plastic Durable
  • Aluminum coated so perfectly act as waterproof


  • No significant limitation about this product

Kryptonics Classic Board

Budget Pick

Kryptonics Classic Board
Kryptonics Classic Board

Kryptonics is a company who revolutionized skateboarding with their polyurethane wheels that makes these skates water resistant and more appealing. They have an extensive line of products, from decks and trucks to ramps; in addition they develop new ones all the time. For every skater out there looking for something different or

just wanting more challenging obstacles- Kryptonics has your solution ready at hand.

Product attributes

If you’re looking for the perfect beginner skateboard that will ensure a safe and exciting ride, then this 22.5 inch wide deck with 57cm long length is what we recommend.

With a durable custom molded polypropylene construction designed for our young riders can learn how their moves in no time.

The grip pattern and rear tape are designed to provide you with a sturdy, safe ride. This deck is great for skateboarders who want an enhanced experience on their board in rain or near the shore.

The 62mm x 51mm poured polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings deliver a smooth ride that is safe for riders of all levels.

The kryptonic 3.25 inches aluminum truck and bushings are perfect for those who want a lightweight, yet durable board.

With a max weight capacity of 110 lbs, the skateboard is perfect for kids and teens.


  • Made up of aluminum or polypropylene plastic so water resistant Durable and offers the smooth ride
  • Sturdy and easy to use


  • Only have 110lbs of weight bearing capacity
  • With excessive pressure, the rear truck might get bent

MoBoard Vintage Style Skateboard

MoBoard Vintage Style Skateboard
MoBoard Vintage Style Skateboard

You can’t go wrong with a MoBoard. Whether you’re looking for the perfect present or your own fun ride, there’s no shortage of colors to choose from and styles that are sure not to be boring. Let’s add some personality to your board with a selection of

different size and color skateboard wheels that swap easily.

For any kid or adult who has ever wanted his/her very own skateboard, can get easily from the MoBoard vintage.

This board is a super-fun vintage style cruiser that harkens back to the smaller

designs of skateboards from decades ago. The matt plastic MoBoards are durable and flexible and of course water resistant, making them great for tight turns or long cruises on scenic roads.

Product attributes:

When you’re in a hurry and need to get somewhere fast, MoBoards are just the ticket. With their 22 inch Boards we can Skate where needed with ease.

Fast and fun! These lightweight aluminum trunks are perfect for the competitive player who wants to be able to push their board around.

The 59mm Urethane Wheels provide excellent grip, while also being easy on brakes or accelerators in order not slow down too quickly when taking off from a stop sign at your favorite downhill park.

The durable Abec 7 bearing construction will last you through some tough sessions

without any issues.

These trunks are built to last and endure everyday use. They’re lightweight, with a weight limit of 220 lbs.


  • Made of good quality plastic to not make it water vulnerable Affordable yet so durable
  • Great for heavy riders Easy to carry anywhere


  • Requires control so not recommend to beginners

Merkapa Complete Skateboard

Merkapa Complete Skateboard
Merkapa Complete Skateboard

The Merkapa board is a solid option for beginners. It’s got great design and comes with all the components needed, so it will be easy enough to learn on this thing.

The board also comes with great components, making it an ideal option if you’re on tight budgets or just starting out as well.

Merkapa’s innovative skateboard wheels are without batteries and powered by you. The colorful, captivating design makes these boards great for kids of any age.

They’re also perfect as beginner gear or an all-around fun toy to ride around town

with friends on tight suburban roads at night when the weather turns cool enough or even rainy, it’ll keep them busy anyway because who doesn’t love being lit up in colors while doing tricks endlessly?

Product Attributes:

The minute you take this product out of its box, you will have all the tools needed to start your ride as the whole product weighs even less than 2kg.

This board is a great choice for beginners. The skater can do tricks and it’s durable, so they will love to learn more as their skills improve.

The 22 inch long x 6 inch wide deck skateboard made up of either Polypropylene,

Aluminum or Plastic was designed with kids in mind but also works well if you’re an adult weighing up to 180 pounds

The Soft 60 mm Polyurethane wheels and ABEC-7 bearings will give you a smooth ride as well. They are also shock absorbent, as having the durometer hardness of 78A which means they can take some bumps in stride while still being able to provide good traction for acceleration or turns.

LED wheels are a major upgrade for skateboarders who want to light up their ride and not have any heavy batteries or chargers. LED lights don’t wear down as quickly, so they won’t need replacing as often which means you’ll always be ready when adventure calls!!


  • Variety of deck material makes them water repellent Fully assembled and ready-to-hit product
  • Great for child with no prior skateboard experience
  • Wheels glide really well on watery roads in rain on near the beach shore


  • Wheels need expertise to turn around Small in size so only good for kids.

OUDEW Skateboard

Best Pick

OUDEW Skateboard
OUDEW Skateboard

Oudew is a company that specializes in selling skateboards, roller skates and other sports equipment. . If you are looking for this product then Oudew the perfect candidate because they sell all types of longboard , standard board as well children’s version

Focused on quality over quantity; together we can find what will work best for your needs

Product Attributes:

This well-built board is perfect for beginner and experienced riders alike. It can be used by anyone who feels like they want to take on a new challenge.

This portable organizer is the perfect size to take with you on your adventures. It can be used by children, teenagers and adults alike! Dimensions are 22 inches long x 6

wide x 4 high – so it will fit in any bag or backpack of yours too. It can support upto 220 lbs of body weight.

This Complete 22 inch Skateboard features high quality aluminum axles, and super smooth PU wheels. It’s the perfect board for beginners or experienced riders who

want to take their skills up a notch!

Having a 3.25 inch truck of Aluminum alloy with PU cushions.

You’ll be sure to find the perfect size and softness for you with these 4 casters. They are made of polyurethane, which means they can withstand a lot. Plus they have colorful flash wheels that make it easy on any surface type – even if it’s not smooth or perfectly level.


  • Made of high quality Aluminum so perfectly does the job of water repellent Durable as made up of Aluminum
  • No assembly required
  • Light weight of only 3.8lbs
  • Affordable board with good quality


  • Wheels might get loosen over usage but can get fixed easily

Summary Waterproof Skateboards for Rain

Staff PickRetrospec Quip Skateboard
Check Price
Ocean Mist Penny Board
Check Price
Budget PickKryptonics Classic Board
Check Price
MoBoard Vintage Style Skateboard
Check Price
Merkapa Complete Skateboard
Check Price
Best PickOUDEW Skateboard
Check Price

Buying Guide

Skateboards can get wet. When and how they are exposed to water determines if their durability is impacted by this, for example riding in the rain does not leave boards as vulnerable compared with submerging them or leaving it out while still raining/raining heavily

So what features of a waterproof skateboard should taken in account before getting your hands on them,

The Deck or Board

The deck is the most important and primary component that comes in contact with water when raining

So The deck of the skateboard is usually made from wood. When it comes in contact with water, like when you get on your board and go for a ride down by the river or

lake—wood can become soft and deformed even after drying out again. Not all boards are designed to handle water and it is important that you choose one with some kind of waterproofing so your investment will last longer than if bought cheaply now only For those looking specifically in this area the best option would be non-wooden or plastic made models because they can better withstand possible spills on wet surfaces. Well if durability matters most then go with something like aluminum.

The Bearings and Bolts

Due to their high-shear rate and chemical composition, bearings are one of the most vulnerable parts in skateboards. When wet or left unprotected for an extended period of time (such as when stored inside), they can lose all lubricant leading to rusting bolts which will cause slippage that eventually weakens these essential components from within and makes them useless.

The durability of the wheels means that they can withstand being submerged in water.

If you’re using synthetic hard rubber for your skateboard’s bolts, bearings will have no problem remaining dry even after getting wet on a rainy day.

Wheels and Trucks

The non-marking, corrosion resistant polyurethane wheels are perfect for skateboards or longboards. They have a hard exterior that will not damage your floors and they’re grip on any surface so you can move with it where needed without worrying about scratching, getting corroded due to water entrapment.

Polyurethane wheels are a popular choice in industrial applications because of their quietness, ability to cushion the ride and absorb bumps. Polyols act as an ideal shock absorber which helps reduce noise when compared with other options like steel or cast iron wheels used in skateboards.


If you’re going to be riding your skateboard in rainy or icy conditions, it’s better that they are waterproof. You never know when something might happen and leave stranded with no way out!

A non-waterproof board can get wrecked pretty quickly when making contact with water. The best way to avoid this? Buy a waterproof skateboard just for those rainy days or skating on the beach near plenty of water.

It is always a good idea to invest in what you love and skateboarding provides many benefits for your body, mind, and soul. If that’s something of interest then go ahead with an investment by purchasing a water repellent skateboard or build your own custom deck so as not to miss out on all these great perks in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect your skateboard in the rain?

The best way to protect your skateboard from rain is with a coat.
The wet weather can have two effects on your board. If it rains before the board gets too worn out, then the rain may add years back onto its lifespan. On the other hand, if water sits long enough on the wood parts of your board to allow them to start rotting away this will cause permanent damage and shorten its life.
The easiest way to combat this problem is by covering your deck with a plastic or rubberized cover or using the plastic or Aluminum skateboards.
-Many people will spray their skateboard with a silicon based protector. This may
distort the graphics, or it can bubble up and create an ugly brand on the board for all
to see.
-Certain companies make wax for it as well as offer clear protection so no rain will
cause any harm.
-“The Grip Dude”…One time deal – apply this rubberized grip on your new deck and
never have to worry about unwanted skid marks or scratches ever again or water
penetrating problems.

Are Penny boards waterproof?

Yes. Penny boards are waterproof and have been engineered to be just as durable as
a standard board made from maple wood.
However, Penny boards may get wet from rain or from salty seawater during a surf
session, so it is imperative that you use care when riding in these conditions so the
deck of your board does not sustain any damage.

What do skaters do when it rains?

Well, most skateboards are waterproof, so they won’t be affected by the rain.
However, Skating in rain or snow is slippery and dangerous, that’s why it’s best to
avoid it by staying indoors.
Skating in the rain is not for amateurs. You can still skate, but just know that it might
cause injury if you don’t have enough experience with skating on wet surfaces, it’s
best if you have enough practice so that when your first time comes along and the
skies open up on top of you-you’ll know what to do.

Is it OK to ride a skateboard in the rain?

It largely depends on the speed and intensity of the rain, as well as how much
skating experience a person has. If it’s light to moderate rain and the skater is
experienced enough with this water surface (ice) they can skate until they feel like
stopping or their clothes might get soaked enough to want to change.
Skaters who don’t have that experience will find themselves slipping frequently,
which makes it harder for them not to fall.

Does rain ruin skateboards?

The rain won’t really impact the structural integrity of a skateboard.
However, it can dampen the wheels and make them more difficult to turn or even
make them slip, which will make it uncomfortable to ride. It’s probably best to avoid
outdoor skating on rainy days if possible.
There is a greater need to watch the grip on the skateboard in wet conditions. The
wax that holds your feet in place on top of the board can dissolve when it’s cool or
humid which leads to shoes coming off and slipping when skating over surfaces
such as concrete. Slippery surfaces can lead you to lose control, fall, and lose speed.
The good news is that if you prep your board before it rains and re-wax it after
getting out of bad weather, your board will still be strong for outside use.

Is rain bad for skateboards?

It all boils down to the type of skateboard.
Rain has been shown over time that it causes minor wear and tear on modern
skateboards. Different boards react differently to rain and moisture, and this can lead
to deterioration and, eventually, destruction. Generally speaking, lighter boards are
more prone to damage than heavier decks due the weight distribution difference.
However, there are ways for owners of these types of boards to avoid excessive
contact with water; by storing them inside or covering them with a protective cover
or wax, you’ll be able not only extend their life span but also your enjoyment as well.

How to waterproof an electric skateboard?

The waterproofing process will be decided by the purpose of your waterproof
skateboard and how you want to use it where.
For example, if you intend on using your board in wet weather often, make sure that
the surface of your deck is completely sealed and 100% watertight. If you only plan
to use it on dry land or in very light rain, a single coat of sealant may work best.
If there’s any question over whether some part like undercarriage is prone to leaks
(like some decks), then spray test that area before making full application of sealant.
Finally apply a top coat for added protection against corrosion and scratching; we
recommend electric skateboard wax for this step as it binds well.

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