13 Best Skateparks in Virginia

Skateboarding is nothing new to Virginia. In fact, many of the state’s skateparks were originally built by local skateboarders who were resourceful enough to create their own skate spots. However, due to a lack of publicly funded facilities, skateboarding has not always been as popular as it is today.

Thankfully, the recent debut of skateboarding in the Olympics has helped increase its popularity, and Virginia is now seeing a demand for new skateparks. With more people interested in skateboarding than ever before, the state is likely to see an influx of new facilities in the coming years. This is great news for Virginia’s skateboarders, who will finally have access to the quality facilities they deserve.

While Virginia may not yet be a popular destination for skateboarding, that doesn’t mean the state lacks good places to skate. Whether you live in Virginia or are just visiting, you’ll be able to have a great time skating at any of the concrete skateboarding facilities listed below. So throw on your skateboard, grab your helmet, and get ready to shred some concrete.

Mount Trashmore Skate Park

The Mount Trashmore skatepark is in need of some repair, according to Dean Bowles, parks and recreation planner. The skate park was built in 2003  24,000-square-foot and some of the elements are beginning to show their age. 

In order to make the necessary repairs, Bowles has proposed two possible options. The first option includes a 4-foot bowl with an attached 8-foot half pipe and a flat skate surface with obstacles. 

The second option includes an 8-foot half pipe with an attached quarter pipe, a stair set and a grind box. Ultimately, the decision will be up to the city council. However, regardless of which option is chosen, the vert ramp adjacent to the skate park will remain as is.

The vert ramp, adjacent to the skate park, will remain as is. A decision on which option to choose has not been made yet.The most attractive thing about this park is a smaller mountain, Encore Hill, and two lakes.

Location: 4300 South Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.

Hours: 6:30am – 6pm.

Williams Farm Skatepark

The Williams Farm Skate Park is a 25,000 square foot concrete skate park that features a variety of obstacles and challenges for skaters of all skill levels. The park includes a tiered bowl, flow park, and urban skate plaza, all of which are lit with LED lighting. 

Visitors to the park are expected to follow posted signs and regulations, and wearing helmets and protective pads is strongly encouraged. 

The skate park features a variety of obstacles, including: pyramids, speed bumps, hubbas, curbs, roll-ins, jump boxes, quarters pipes, fun boxes, manual pads, London gaps, kickers, handrails, flat rails, ledges, banks, stairs, wallrides, mini ramps, bowls, and other sports lights.

Location: 5252 Learning Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.

Hours: 5:30am – 8:30pm.

Powhatan Springs skatepark 

The Powhatan Springs skatepark is a beautiful, renovated space that has won awards for its design. The skateable area is 16,300 square feet, with a variety of features including a Pro Bowl,pool coping, steel coping, an Egg Bowl, and a Flow Bowl. 

There are also a number of obstacles and rails for skaters to enjoy. The skate park is well-lit and offers shading and seating for visitors. It also has a number of solar umbrella tables with USB charging ports. It also includes a signature skateable doorway element.

Location: 6020 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205.

Hours: 7am – 10pm.

Bedford Skatepark

Bedford Skatepark is one of the top three skateparks on the East Coast, mixing banks, ledges, flip banks, rainbow rails, benches and bowls into one flowing space. 

The bowls are separated into an advanced vert bowl and another with extensions, pump bumps, hips and pockets, perfect for any level of skater. With a smooth surface and plenty of space to practice your tricks, It is the perfect place to spend a day skating with friends. While there are no toilets on site, you’re free to use the facilities near by in a park.

Location: 1120-1176 Falling Creek Rd, Bedford, VA 24523.

Hours: Open 24 hours.

Woodstock Skate Park

City officials have announced that construction on the new Woodstock Skate Park will begin on September 14. The park, which is slated to open in summer 2021, will be designed by the creative minds at Team Pain. 

The park will include a mix of transitional and street elements, as well as some premium features such as a snake run, two-level bowl with waterfall, five corners, and two hips. There will also be a quarter pipe with extension, ledge runs, stair sets, wall rides, and other custom ledges. In addition, the park will have a warm-up area and shaded viewing spots.

Location: 5709 Providence Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Hours: 7am – 8pm.

Catoctin SkatePark

Catoctin Skatepark was designed with public input to create an enjoyable and unique skateboarding experience. The park features a variety of skateable elements, including a bowl with a pocket that extends up to 9 feet.

The park also has two triangular planters in the middle of the skating area. These planters provide green space, interesting lines, and skateable embankments with evergreen trees that will provide shade from the summer heat.

Location: 141 Catoctin Cir SE, Leesburg, VA 20175.

Hours: 6am – 9pm.

Laurel Skatepark

The skate park features skate park amenities like ramps, rails, a half-pipe and bowl for skateboards, in-line skates or BMX/Freestyle bikes. Participants are required to wear helmets, elbow and kneepads, shirts, and shoes. Shin guards are also required for bike riders. 

The skate park is also staffed during operating hours and admission is free. You can also find other park amenities like athletic fields, playgrounds, and picnic shelters nearby. So come on down and enjoy some fun at Laurel Skate Park today.

Location: 10301 Hungary Spring Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

Hours: 8am – 7pm.

Moyer Skatepark

Moyer Skatepark is a great place to practice skating, bmx, scooter, rollerblaces, ect. The quarter pipes care pretty crazy(tall and steep. Good flat ground, solid half pipe, and some fun camel humps.Cool little park. Concrete ground and metal transitions. Moyer Skatepark is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and looking for a fun place to skate.

The skatepark also has a playground, one shelter with picnic tables, a half basketball court, a volleyball court, and two horseshoe pits. The shelter can accommodate 75-100 people and includes sinks, running water, and electrical outlets. The skatepark is not lit for use at night. Restrooms are also available on site.

Location: 900 Union St, Salem, VA 24153.

Hours: Closes 10 pm.

Front Royal Skatepark

Front Royal skatepark is a concrete park featuring a street section, an open bowl, and a bowl with stone coping. It was designed by PillarDesign Studios and helped funded by SkateparkProject in 2004. It provides an enjoyable and legal place for skaters to practice their moves away from pedestrian traffic.

The park features various obstacles such as a speedbump, volcano, spine, hubba, roll-in, quarterpipe, pole, manualpad, londongap, handrail, flatrail, ledge, bank, stairs, wallride, miniramp, and bowl.The Skatepark project aims to improve skateparks nationwide so that skaters can enjoy their passion in a safe and fun environment. Thanks to projects like this one, Front Royal skatepark is available for all to enjoy.

Location: Front Royal, VA 22630.

Hours: Open 24 hours.

Ashland Skatepark

The Ashland Skate Park is a concrete skate park that opened on November 6, 2004. The park is intended for use at one’s own risk and has a variety of skateable features, including a mini snake run, three pyramids, a dot, and several bowls.  The obstacles like roll-in, a spine, a hubba, a curb, a quarterpipe, a funbox, and a manualpad are also included. 

It has a londongap, a handrail, and a ledge. It is considered to be rad and versatile, with strong and talented locals. The punk wall is a popular feature among skaters, and the connected set of three bowls provides challenges for skaters of all skill levels. It is a great place to learn new tricks, and meet other skaters.

Location: 500 Myrtle St, Ashland, VA 23005.

Hours: Open 24 hours.

Best Life Ever Skatepark

The park is filled with a variety of obstacles and challenges that are sure to test even the most experienced riders. From the beginner-friendly flat ground to the more advanced street course, there is something for everyone at the Best Life Ever Skatepark. 

In addition to being a great place to ride, the skatepark is also a great place to meet new people and make new friends. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and there is always a positive vibe in the air. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Best Life Ever Skatepark is the perfect place to enjoy your time on a skateboard.

Location: 535-599 Old Carnation St, Richmond, VA 23225.

Hours: Opens 24 hours.

Westover Skatepark

Westover Skatepark is a well-maintained facility that offers skateboarders a great place to enjoy their sport. The park features a variety of obstacles and challenges, including half-pipes, quarter-pipes, grindboxes, hipped quarter pipes, hipped trani banks, quarter bowls, ramps, and rails. Skateboarders of all skill levels are sure to find something to enjoy at Westover Skatepark.

Location: 305 S Dogwood Dr, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Hours: Open from 12 noon to 7:30pm daily.

Texas Beach Skatepark

The Texas Beach Skate Park is a world-renowned skateboarding destination that attracks top athletes from all over the globe. The original lower slab features a quarter pipe with center pad, a six-foot-high bowl corner, and two rails; this lower slab has a rougher concrete surface that more closely mimics typical street skating conditions.

In addition, park has a street course with various obstacles, a mini ramp, and a vert ramp. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time skater, the Texas Beach Skate Park is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Location: Richmond, VA 23220.

Hours: Open 24 hours.


The skateparks mentioned in this blog post are a great place to start for anyone looking for a fun day out. If you’re looking for something more challenging, we recommend checking out some of the parks on our list. We would love to hear about your experiences skating at any of these parks, so let us know in the comment section below. Have fun and stay safe.

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